Retouch for Rubie's Costumes of the character Rocket in Warner Bros.' Sucker Punch movie.
Have some fun finding the differences.

Cleo de Nile of Monster High. Added bandage graphics, extended blouse,
filled in mid section, cleaned up legs, smoothed fabric, bumped colors.
Zoolander (Derek) retouch. Colors were corrected to match license, forehead replaced
from another photo, hair painted by hand in Photoshop using brushes and Wacom Tablet.
Poster I designed as fan art with me being the subject cosplaying as Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead. All effects done in Adobe Photoshop and background image from TWD.
Skills demonstrated: knocking out images (incl. hair), creating (painting) hair, enlarging or shrinking body parts, reshaping the figure, applying artwork and patterns, smoothing tones, correcting colors, fixing skin wrinkles and blemishes, special effects such as sparkles, reflective surfaces and fabrics, metal finishes, and glowing objects.
Lion-O from Thundercats. New mask, color correction to match license,
painted muscle tones to add realism, reshaped claw.
General Grevious is a character from the Clone Wars (Star Wars). I matched the character's armor color,
enlarged chest armor plates, added gauntlet to left arm, applied character artwork to suit, and
added new eye to right side.
Hal Jordan Green Lantern costume for women. Color corrected, smoothed fabric,
added glow to light-up ring, recolored boots.
Retouch for Rubie's Costumes of the character Amber in Warner Bros.' Sucker Punch movie.

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