Branding and design project for Lacey Haegen cosmetics, which included for a shower scrub and body cream. Package and label design, logo development, and creating custom-drawn art deco border for packaging.
This was a branding option for Rubies' Costumes Four Horsemen costume line. The crown, sword, sickle and scale are stock images, represent each horsemen. I blending the cloud image and added lightening strikes. I painted the seal, and the typography blends into its background. I was going for drama with the color scheme.
This was a branding option for Rubies' Costumes Forsaken Warriors costume line. I utilized one of the warriors as center of interest, and painted a product nameplate to look like an aged paper scroll. I chose typefaces, and then added the grunge and bloody effects. Ghosted silhouettes of the other warriors in the background.
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