Here's my case design for Selected Works of Alexander Hamilton. This is a flexi-bound case, 5" x 7" svepa substrate, and artwork deboss heat-burnished. This is part of Canterbury Classics' Word Cloud Series.
I laid out the cover and interior for Look Up, and colorized the artwork. I also set-up the foil separations.
This is a 10" x 10", 96 page coloring book with flaps. 4-color cover with 2 hits of foil.
Here's a bible case and sleeve I designed in 2017. The case is flexi PVC with one foil, rounded corners,
and a ribbed spine. The Holy Bible, King James Version is 992 pages.
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Weaponry. Paperback with flaps, 9” x 12”, 320 pages, 4-color interior. I redesigned this cover. Shown above are various mocks and the final approved cover (lower right). The hero (largest) image is my favorite design.
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