This 3-piece window box was created with Adobe Illustrator.
The design was for an Avatar latex mask created by Rubies Costumes. This design was approved for production.
Here's a couple samples of blister cards I made for Rubie's Costumes. They're make-up kits for Mattel's Monster High property. I was able to be creative while adhering to their style guidelines.
These are samples to show a variety of packaging layouts. ARCHIE: Header card for a mask. AVATAR: Clam shell for fangs, and backer card for knife & sheath. BATMAN: Polybag card insert for a costume.
Video brochure I art directed and laid out for Vewed. It is 8.3" x 5.8" x 0.25", and features a working video player that delivers the client's marketing message.
Farm Friends (3 titles): Busy Bunny, Clara Cow, Pinky Pig. Case with window in lid 7” x 11.5”, board book 4.5” x 4.5”, spacer, plush animal. My part was to contribute to the case designs, create sell sheets, apply templates and adjust graphics to boxes and books, and perform production and preflight all titles.
Art on the Go!
Draw with Me and Doodle Everyday. Canvas Travel Case with handle, window and velcro strap, 12 Triangular Crayons, Doodle Pad, Sticker Sheets, and Sell Sheet. Case: 8.125” x 10” x 1”; Doodle Pad: 7” x 9”. My part was to adjust case and interior templates and artwork, design the sell sheet, create project mocks, and perform production and preflight.
Smithsonian Everything You Need to Know
card set (3 titles). Cards 4.5” x 6.5” with tabs; 272 color cards for each title in cigarette style box. My part: Transferred freelancer’s original layout into new printer templates, applied corrections and adjustments to art, provide production support and preflight all titles.
Branding and design project for Lacey Haegen cosmetics, which included for a shower scrub and body cream. Package and label design, logo development, and creating custom-drawn art deco border for packaging.
Polybag insert cards for Mattel's Monster High license for Rubie's Costumes.
Nightmare on Elm Street 2-sided hang tag, The Walking Dead and Green Lantern hang cards.
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