drawing of a criminal taking a lie detector test
Illustration done as a pencil sketch, digitized, then refined and painted in Photoshop.
The piece is on the title page of Strange Crime, published by Portable Press, 2018.
fan art painging of paul the movie extraterrestrial
Fan art piece I did for the movie Paul. This is Paul, the extraterrestial.
Pencil sketch scanned and painted in Photoshop.
color pencil chibi drawing of a guitar player
Color pencil and ink, chibi playing guitar.
illustration and drawing samples
Variety of styles. Top: Illustration for Pages Magazine. Bottom first: Vector illustration for a band. Bottom second: Life drawing in chalk, with effects and color added in Photoshop. Bottom third: Hi-tech dasboard designed in Photoshop for fun. Bottom fourth: Caricature done in pencil and ink, colored in Photoshop.
Top left: Logo for Paramount Booking; Top right: illustration for Pages Magazine;
Bottom left: t-shirt design; Bottom right: vector art for costume design, copied from existing art.
fan art color pencil drawing of bon voyage from the incredibles movie
Mixed media, color pencil and markers on watercolor paper.
color pencil drawing of a chibis
Color pencil sketches of chibis.
punk poster drawing pen and ink
Flyer template for L.A. punk band 976. This illustration features a caricature of the lead vocalist.
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